четверг, 24 декабря 2009 г.

AllBusiness назвал компанию Subway франчайзинговой компанией №1

Five quick-service brands are among the top 20 AllStar Franchise businesses in AllBusiness' second annual ranking. Editors of the online business publication and industry experts analyzed more than 800 franchise companies to select the top 300.
Subway tops the list, based on the size of its franchise system and its great brand awareness.

Other QSRs in the top 20 include:
• Jack in the Box, No. 5
• Smoothie King, No. 7
• McDonald's, No. 11
• Hardee's, No. 18
With the restaurant industry hit hard by the economy, 15 of the 70 franchises dropped from last year's list included food and beverage franchises. Others experienced big rankings drops, such as Dunkin' Donuts dropping out of the Top 10 because of legal troubles with franchisees. Cold Stone Creamery experienced the biggest rankings drop, going from No. 77 last year to No. 288 this year. Brands that served a specific niche seemed to fare better.

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