четверг, 28 января 2010 г.

Jim Penman Making News Again

Jim Penman, head of one of Australia's largest franchising firms, has had problems with his master franchisees. They want him removed. As a conciliatory measure, he offered to hire a chief operating officer. He has now hired a convicted wage-dodger for the position.
Richard Reid, who was fined $207,900 in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in July, has been appointed chief operating officer of Jim's Group.
His appointment has caused bemusement among several of the Group's master franchisors, many of whom have been trying to remove its high-profile head, Jim Penman, from the organisation he founded.
Mr Reid was hired by Jim's Group shortly after his conviction in a liaison role to deal with the master franchisors. -- SMH.com.au
Mr Reid failed to pay five workers at his Camberwell car wash about $4500 in wages.
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