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Будьте ближе к Конвенции Международной Ассоциации Франчайзинга этими выходными

Одно из крупнейших событий в календаре начинается в мире франчайзинга в эти выходные в Манчестере, а именно - 49 Международная Годовая Конвенция Ассоциации Франчайзинга. Никто не сделает для Вас это событие более близким, чем Franchise Direct,- один из ведущих порталов в мире по франчайзингу. С 14-16 февраля, наша команда будет транслировать видео репортажи для нашего сайта, которые предоставляют информацию из первых рук.
For anyone with even a passing interest in the franchising industry, the IFA's Annual Convention is one of the highlights of the year. Since franchising constit 558 utes such a wide range of business interests, it is a truly unique experience to witness the wide world of franchising together under one roof. Unfortunately, not everyone can make the trip to San Diego. But don't worry if you can't attend. Franchise Direct will be there, bringing the IFA Convention home to you.

Starting from Saturday, we will be posting daily updates from the IFA Convention on our franchise blog. A daily video report will provide you with a sense of the atmosphere around the Hyatt, while featuring interviews with a number of attendees inside the convention.

The IFA Convention is always blockbuster event that generates huge interest from the world of franchising and beyond, and this weekend's gathering will be no different. The main event of the weekend will undoubtedly be a speech by former President Bill Clinton. The 42nd President will be delivering the Opening General Session address, which will deal with the convention's theme: 'Franchising: Building Local Communities, One Business At A Time'. But there will be so much more happening at the convention---everything from conferences to summits to workshops. If you can't attend the summit or are too bu 558 sy with various engagements in San Diego, let Franchise Direct be your eyes and ears during the weekend.

Starting from Saturday, check out our blog for insights from San Diego. Franchise Direct's multimedia team regularly produces outstanding video content, such as the weekly Business Insights series featuring Franchise Direct CEO Sean McGarry. You can be certain that the Franchise Direct blog will bring you so close to the IFA Convention, you'll feel like you're in San Diego.

So if you've ever been interested in owning a franchise, or are curious about what happens at the IFA Convention, be sure to check out Franchise Direct's franchising blog. Starting from Saturday, we'll provide a daily portrait of what happens when the world of franchising convenes under one roof.

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Franchise Direct.
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