понедельник, 1 февраля 2010 г.

MCDONALD’S introduces locally sourced range in Italy

McDonald's has introduced a new line of 'McItaly' burgers, that use
ingredients 100% sourced in Italy which include meat, bread, Asiago
cheese, lettuce and artichoke spread. The chain launched the burgers
in partnership with the Italian Government and use the advertising
tagline, 'McDonald's speaks Italian'. Italy’s Agriculture Minister
said the sandwiches will help introduce young people to the flavours
of Italy, and the use of an estimated 1,000 tons of Italian
agricultural products a month will provide a boost to farmers. The
range will initially be available for a limited time and if
successful, could be introduced in other markets around the world. The
menu extension builds on the chain’s strategy in Italy to localise its
menu and remodel its outlets to appeal to the Italian consumer.

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