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Тенденции предпринимательства

Существует тенденция к увеличению числа женщин- предпринимателей. Особенно это явление наблюдается в этом десятилетии. Женщины изучают новые для них варианты,, которые позволят выделяя небольшую часть времени на ведение бизнеса. Для этого отлично подходят небольшие франчайзинговые проекты.
o Each requires different factors from its owners – regarding time commitment, investment, leadership, expertise, etc.
o Before you make a selection, it’s important to see which franchises work for you and which doesn’t.
How is a woman or women small franchise suited to the woman’s cause? To start with, it is an official and profitable liaison between the holder of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or ad mark, and a person or a group who desire to use that mark or service, to run a business.
o Franchises for Women are geared toward everyone, from the mother looking for supplemental income, to a career sales executive who wants to build her own empire.

It is the expertise of the parent company that makes owning a franchise, a relatively risk free venture. Researches have revealed that since women tend to avoid high-risk ventures, woman or women small franchise suits them just fine. They are rest assured for they know that help is right around the corner. The exact nature of the relation between the franchise owner and the franchiser is of course subject to FTC laws.
o Women are so involved in trying to run, survive and find money for their businesses that they don’t see franchising as an expansion alternative.

Franchises are armed with the proper business acumen, owing to the proper guidance in marketing and advertising, site selection, support in administrative and management matters and of course the assistance in procuring funds for the presence of the brand name that is provided by the franchiser.
o Opportunities wait in multiple dimensions in franchise companies at the corporate level; expansion of a current single-business operation into a franchise operation; purchasing and operating franchisees from already established franchisers, etc.
o Buying your way into franchising provides the opportunity to instantly prove yourself as a leader.
o Women haven’t had access to connections and networking, or even the time and energy to know about franchising to evaluate it as a method for being self reliant.
There are three basic models of the franchise business that are present. They are:
Franchising of the product or trade name: In such a case the trade/ brand name or product that is owned by the parent company or franchiser is sold off to the franchisee.
Franchising of the complete business format: Franchisees are provided with assistance in all matters. The franchiser supervises the selection of the site, intensive training programs, product supply, marketing strategy, and even support in obtaining capital.
Distributorship’s: The simplest of the lot, where the franchisee obtains legal rights from the parent company to sell their goods.
More and more women are getting into business today. Homemaking is an unspoken part of their lives, but most of them feel the urge to get out there and do something instead of just staying at home.
o Once women understand that they may be able to use franchising to become a franchiser, another woman-founded company is then created.
o Although the number of women in franchise leadership positions is progressing slowly, more women are helping to lead franchisers to success.
o Franchisers should evaluate how to become more financially independent and how to make the best use of economic resources.
The excitement that a woman entrepreneur shows, rubs off on the others. Men care, in almost all cases, about the bottom line of their jobs, unlike women, who are really passionate about whatever they commit to.


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