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Carl's JR. добавляет побольше салатов в меню

Carl's Jr расширила свое меню с добавлением трех нових премиум салатов. В отличие от других сетей бистрого питания, Carl's Jr. Традиционно предпочитали сосредоточить внимание на своих большых гамбургерах чтобы держать свою часть рынка, а не следовать тенденции более здоровых вариантов.

Carl's Jr. has extended its menu with the addition of three new
premium salads. The range of main course salads is being supported by
TV ads featuring Kim Kardashain, created by agency Mendelsohn|Zien.
Unlike other fast-food chains, Carl's has traditionally preferred to
focus on its large-sized burgers to appeal to its core market, rather
than follow the trend to introduce healthier options.

"Our new line of Grilled Chicken Salads put Carl's Jr. squarely back
in the forefront with salads that are just as big and indulgent as the
burgers people have come to expect from us," said Brad Haley,
Executive Vice President of Marketing for Carl's Jr. Taking advantage
of the popularity of social media, Carl's campaign will also include a
live 'interactive lunch' event at www.facebook.com/carlsjr where
visitors will be able to chat to Kardashian via a webcam.
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