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Бывший президент США Джордж Буш о перспективах франчайзинга

Бывший президент США Джордж Буш выступил на конвенции Международной Ассоциации Франчайзинга в Техасе и разбудил публику в своем родном государстве, заявляя о своей поддержке малого бизнеса как основы американской экономики.
"When you tax small business you make it harder for small business to create jobs," he told the audience. The former president added some tips for success in life, particularly pertinent to building a franchise business: "If you prioritise your life you can get a lot done. Life is discipline. If you want to accomplish something you set your mind to it, and accomplish it."
Current government representation at the convention came from the Small Business Administration, with plans for job creation, restored lending and economic boosts outlined to the audience by Obama advisor, Karen Mills.
Issues such as trust, franchise compliance, IT and social media, marketing strategies, training, expansion, franchisee benchmarking and finance were up for discussion at the three day event in San Antonio, Texas which celebrated the Association's 50th anniversary, attended by more than 2,300 delegates. The convention combined networking lunches and keynote speakers, round table and panel discussions, seminars and award ceremonies.
Among the speakers was DC Strategy executive director Rod Young, a veteran of international franchising events and a member of the Australian delegation.
Руководство Ассоциации Франчайзинга Украины считает положительным фактором для мирового франчайзингово движения позитивную оценку и поддержку со стороны сильной политической личности Соединенных Штатов Америки, Джорджа Буша.
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