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Новый президент McDonald's считает необходимым поддержание активности во франчайзинговой сети

Don Thompson выглядит как звезда в ресторане McDonald's. В качестве нового президента и главного операционного директора, он контролирует огромную международную компанию, которая является лидером рынка в области фаст-фуда. Имея 20-и летний опыт работы, он четко имеет представление о том, что нужно потребителям.
"They want fast food, they want it accurate, they want it friendly, they want great quality they want freshness of the food<" he says. "So what we have to do is , we have to anticipate the needs based upon the volume of traffic."

In other words, using computers, log rhythms and complex formulas, McDonalds knows what you are going to order before you walk in the door.

"Based on traffic patterns we can tell whether or not our next 10 customers will probably order a Big Mac, how many will order a salad, how many order a parfait, we can tell based upon traffic," says Thompson.

And with restaurants all over the country, in big cities and small, McDonalds has already expanded around the globe. Thompson just returned from Russia where McDonalds very, very popular.

"The restaurants we have in Russia now run some of the highest guest counts on annual basis, almost twice that of where we are in the US," he says.

And McDonalds continues to be diverse, reflecting the faces of America, reflecting behind the counter, the same faces that walk up to the other side of the counter.

"We're one of the most divers companies in the US relative to our management team, relative to the restaurant team and personal," he says. "More than half of our managers are woman and that's part of the pipeline for the future. So we are very supportive of out talent management pool, out affinity groups and mentoring and training."

For his work for keeping the sizzle in McDonalds we salute Don Thompson during Black History Month.
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