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McDonald's на пике популярности

McDonald's известна в общинах США уже более 70 лет. Как пионер современного фаст-фуда, большинство инвесторов хорошо знакомы с компанией или с ее бизнес-моделью.

Низкие цены на продовольствие и эффективная система франчайзинга помогла сохранить выгодное положение для всей сети во времена экономического спада, и аналитики считают, что есть тенденции к увеличению прибыли в этом году.
While McDonald's golden arches have become a sign of American influence throughout the world, the company has succeeded abroad by tailoring menus to local tastes. Only 34% of the company's revenue comes from the U.S.; Europe accounts for 42% and 18% originates from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Companies with international diversification don't need to rely on a single country to drive demand. However, McDonald's products are priced so low that economic conditions are almost inconsequential. A 49-cent hamburger leaves little room for undercutting. Despite its rock-bottom prices, the company produces an operating margin of 29% and a profit margin of 20%.
While the business of fast food seems simple, McDonald's is a more complex company than many would expect. About 32% of revenue is derived from franchise fees, which are based on food sales. This structure can make performance more volatile, but it allows the company to reap the benefits of successful marketing campaigns and new product launches more directly than franchising competitors, such as Burger King(BKC Quote) and Yum! Brands(YUM Quote), which operates Taco Bell and KFC.
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