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McDonald's планирует открыть около 300 ресторанов в Южной Корее

В Южной Корее число ресторанов McDonald's к 2015 году возрастет на 273. Руководство компании утверждает таким образом свои хорошие конкурентные позиции на данном рынке.
Among the 273 restaurants to be opened, 200 will provide drive-through services, said Sean Newton, the newly appointed managing director of McDonald's Korea, during a press conference in Seoul.
The company will also improve the design of its restaurants and diversify menus at McCafe, a coffee chain found mostly inside McDonald's restaurants.
McDonald's Korea also plans to strengthen its soccer-related marketing this year ahead of the World Cup in South Africa in June.
Under the plan, the fast-food chain will expand soccer lessons first launched in 2006 that will provide up to 130,000 children the chance to learn the game by the end of this year.
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